Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dead parrot

A safety inspector bought a parrot for his office at work as no one talked to him . After two days, the inspector found his new friend laying on its back - feet pointed straight up.

He called a safety consultant he knew who kept parrots, "Please help my friend," wailed the inspector.
"I'm sorry the bird is quite dead" said the safety consultant. "No, no..it can't be", cried the inspector.

The consultant called in his own pet, a Labrador retriever, which sniffed the bird, shook his head and walked out.

Next, the consultant called in his cat which carefully walked a circle around the bird and walked out.

"No doubt about it ", said the consultant, "That is a dead bird."

The consultant reached for his pen and pad. He wrote out a bill and handed it to the safety inspector. "Eight Hundred pounds!?" cried the inspector.

"That's Correct! I'm charging you for three procedures. There is my opinion, a lab report and a cat scan."

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