Monday, August 13, 2007

GeekLawyer’s Blog » An end to health and safety madness?

GeekLawyer’s Blog » An end to health and safety madness?: "Geeklawyer, a pioneer in the difficult art of combining “red in tooth and claw” free market principles with corporate social responsibility, congratulates John Redwood for his latest plans to revitalise capitalism in the UK. For the past decade we have laboured under the woolly communist thinking of pinko lefty Tony Bliar cynically masquerading as neo-conservativism, for no other reason than populism. His campaigns of “public service” before private profit have wrecked the potential value that ‘public-private‘ initiatives could have brought to corporate profitability. And public benefit. Because, remember, when large corporations make tens of billions in profit, which are hustled off into offshore holding companies not paying tax, it isn’t just shareholders who benefit. No, it’s the poor and disadvantaged who benefit from the trickle-down effect of these profits. Everyone wins. Except under Neo-Labour communism. It’s political correctness gone mad."

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