Sunday, September 02, 2007

icNewcastle - Hurt by compensation claims

icNewcastle - Hurt by compensation claims: "Sep 2 2007 by Phil Doherty, Sunday Sun NORTH schools have had to fork out more than £660,000 in compensation from over-stretched education budgets due to accidents.

One of the biggest genuine claims was for £46,000 after a secondary school pupil injured his arm using a drill in a technology lesson.

The biggest claim came to £11,480, including costs, for a child whose fingers were caught in a toilet cubicle.

Smaller claims have included . . .

  • £3500 for a pupil who sustained a head injury due to an open window.
  • £550 for a pupil hurt by a bookcase falling over.
  • £330 for a pupil injured by a protruding screw while playing football.
  • Sunderland City Council has paid out £101,816 in compensation and legal fees in the last two years. The biggest claim was for £10,671 after a wall fell on a pupil.


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