Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ergonomics In The News

Ergonomics In The News: "History of ergonomics and reference to other articles ... 'Bernardino Ramazzini was an Italian physician born in 1663 who is considered to be the founder of occupational and industrial medicine. In 1700 he wrote De morbis artificum diatribe (Diseases of Workers). This study of 52 occupations outlined material and handling hazards as well as “certain violent and irregular motions and unnatural postures of the body, by reason of which the natural structure of the vital machine is so impaired that serious diseases gradually develop therefrom” (currently defined as repetitive strain injuries or cumulative trauma disorders). Ramazzini’s work laid the groundwork for advocacy of protective measures for workers and encouraged eventual passage of factory safety and workmen’s compensation laws. (Source: Ramazinni, B., 1717 and 1940, In W. Wright (trans.): The Disease of Workers, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press)."

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