Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gothamist: Man Sues FDNY For Dropping Him Down Stairs

Gothamist: Man Sues FDNY For Dropping Him Down Stairs: "James Maietta probably wishes that he lived in an elevator building; especially after firefighters accidentally dropped him down a flight of stairs in November 2006. The 15-foot fall left Maietta crippled and confined to a Yonkers nursing home for a year. Now the man is suing the FDNY.

The incident occurred on November 23, 2006, after Maietta called 911 with health complaints and asked to be taken to a hospital. The man weighs 515 pounds, suffers from diabetes, and is unable to walk. Eventually, the fire department was called into attempt to remove Maietta from his apartment. To get him down the stairs, firefighters rigged a plywood platform to a rope-and-pulley system."

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