Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Telegraph: 'Sweeping advice: don’t use a broom'

Telegraph: 'Sweeping advice: don’t use a broom':
"Sandra Caldwell, HSE's Deputy Chief Executive , responds - 21 July 2008

* Article: ''Ridiculous' health and safety rules tell carpenters to ban the broom'

The Editor
The Daily Telegraph
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21 July 2008


While Richard Alleyne’s feature ‘Sweeping advice: don’t use a broom’ (Daily Telegraph, 19 July) makes for an amusing headline, I am dismayed at the trivialisation of what is a very real workplace health issue.

Wood dust does cause serious diseases – cancers, and asthma, which severely limits people’s ability to work and enjoy life. The Health and Safety Executive has not banned brooms, but has provided guidance and advice to the woodworking industry on managing these risks.

Sandra Caldwell CB
Deputy Chief Executive
The Health and Safety Executive

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