Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Couple's on-job injury claims total $149,372

Couple's on-job injury claims total $149,372:

The school-custodian brother of Granite City School Superintendent Harry Briggs has filed his eighth workmen's compensation claim, this time for a shoulder injury.

Since 1991, Ronald A. Briggs, 58, has received $133,225 in settlement and injury pay while working for District 9, according to state records. A 1997 back injury claim was denied. Most of his prior injuries involved a knee. All but the most recent injury occurred before Harry Briggs, former Madison County regional superintendent, was superintendent at District 9.

Ronald Briggs' wife, Patricia, who retired in May from the district, where she worked as a cafeteria cook, collected $16,147 in 2001 after filing a successful injury claim after she slipped on the kitchen floor."

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