Friday, September 05, 2008


A man goes in for an interview for a job as a safety officer. The interview went quite well but the trouble was he kept winking and nodding his head.
The interviewer said,
"Although you have a lot of the qualities we're looking for, the fact that you keep winking and nodding your head disqualifies you."

"Oh, that's no problem," said the safety man. "If I take a couple of aspirin I stop winking and nodding my head for an hour."
"Show me," said the interviewer.

So the safety pro reached into his pocket. Embarrassingly he pulled out loads of condoms of every variety , before he found the packet of aspirin. He took the aspirin and soon stopped winking and nodding.

The interviewer said, "That's amazing, but I don't think we could employ someone who'd be womanising all over the country."
"Excuse me!" exclaimed the safety pro, "I'm a happily married man, not a womaniser!"

"Well how do you explain all the condoms, then?"
asked the interviewer.
The safety expert replied,
"Have you ever gone into a pharmacy, winking and nodding, and asked for a packet of aspirin?"

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