Thursday, August 20, 2009


Old Bert had worked for the local landscaping company as man and boy, over 50 years and was still using a bow saw for most of the tree work. As a by-line the landscaping company would cut and sell all the wood for firewood. Bert could easily cut 2 stacks of wood with his trusty bow saw.

Bert’s old friend and boss had said a number of times over the years that he should use a chainsaw. Bert would always say he was not interested in these new fangled things and he could do it quicker by hand.

As the years passed and the aches and pains got worse in Bert’s back and upper limbs, he started to think there must be an easier way.

The new production manager soon saw there was and opportunity to increase production and reduce the pain and suffering to this trusted old workman. He told Bert he would buy him a new chainsaw and he would be able to cut 6 stacks of wood a day and reduce the aches and pains by half. Bert finally agreed.

The first couple days were not very productive--he only cut one stack each day. By the third day he had cut 3 stacks but was dead tired. "This is not working," he thought to himself, "the production manager said I should be able to cut 6 stacks a day. I'm taking this stupid thing back to the office."
The next day he was in the production managers office complaining to the manager about his lack of production. "Blade seems a little dull, but not that bad. Let's start it up," the production manager muttered as he pulled the starting cord.

"What the hell is that noise?" Bert hollered.

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