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Subway pressure wash

Toby up in the cherry picker this morning #ratherhimthenme #hateheights #bristol #abbeywood #jetwashing #TheJWC #southwest #cherrypicker

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Working in a cherry picker and safety harness wearing

QUESTION: At what height when working in a cherry picker is a safety harness or fall arrest to be worn ?


The need for wearing a work restraint harness is not necessarily down to a specific height.

When using a boom type mobile elevated work platforms (cherry picker), work restraint will often be the most suitable form of personal fall protection. This is because the risk of falling from this type of MEWP is from sudden movements caused by an impact, ground movement, failure of a stability critical part, or overreaching.

The wearing of appropriate fall protection equipment can provide protection against the residual risk of falling, or being thrown out of the carrier.

There is an HSE information sheet MISC614 Preventing falls from boom-type mobile elevated work platforms. This is available from our Falls webpage

The only exception is when working near or over water, where if the cherry picker were to topple into the water, you would want to be able to swim away and not be attached to the platform by a harness and be dragged under.

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