Thursday, January 26, 2017

spot the hazard(s) - @makitatools @MakitaUK

When most people look at this @makitatools AVT breaker, they dont think much of it. Its quiet, it barely shakes your body, but man, does it pack a punch. The air breaker also hits hard, but a large percentage of that force travels back into your arms. At the end of a 5 minute demo, I felt it. I couldnt imagine 8 hours of this. Its clear to see the benefits of the Makita breaker. Im hitting the same slab in the same points. The concrete is fairly green, but the Makita breaker is still outworking the air breaker. Even if it were a close match, the air breaker shakes the living h*ll out of you, and you need a monster tow behind compressor to use it, which also blasts dust everywhere with the exhaust coming off the side of the tool. As you can see, dust collection is a hot topic now, and the breaker collection nozzle did a great job at capturing dust at the source, which will be an OSHA requirement very soon. Whether you like it or not, its time to work cleaner, and safer. Silica dust is an extreme health risk. Side note: yes I wore running shoes to the show! I almost wore boots but Im glad I didnt. We averaged 20000 steps a day, and even in shoes we were trashed. Gloves by @brass_knuckle_protection @rike503 @stephmakita @makitatools #limebackmedia

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