Saturday, May 06, 2017

just coffin

The haze that's all around is concrete dust. Had to stop drilling and get out of the area several times while another company cut the concrete deck dry, using a water bottle to spray the diamond blade. This is not legal or safe, even before the pending silica safety laws take affect in June. The saw is loading up and struggling because the operator is pushing in an effort to hurry. A properly installed and used wet kit would have eliminated the dust and sped up the cutting because the operator could have relaxed. Forcing the saw in order to go faster is usually slower. It's sad to see a hard working crew subjected to this. It's important we don't subject ourselves or those working around us to this kind of environment. Silicosis is a nasty way to die. #drycutting #silicosis #safety #cleanairplease #handsaw #nottherightway #thisiswrong #concretecutting #demolition #concreteopeningsmagazine #unsafe

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